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In this section you may be able to locate the websites addresses as well as a short profile of enterprises-members of the TCCI. For further information you may contact directly with the Greek companies.

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211. Ergogroup S.A. – Business Development and Restructuring
Ergogroup is a highly devoted company offering complete Business Consulting Services, having as a goal to increase clients, effectiveness, productivity and benefit with planning organization and technology.
Ergogroup culture and strategy:
· Recruiting the right people
· Focusing on customers needs by providing special solutions.
Ergogroup provides support through the following Units:
· Management Development & Business Organisation Systems
· Business Intelligence and Software Development
· Operational Planning for Corporate Development & Business Growth
· Development of Systems based on Standards like: ISO 9000, HACCP, BRC, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001, and more.
· Human Recourses management.

212. GPS Trading
GPS Trading is a leading direct exporter for a wide variety of Greek products. It has the exclusive exporting rights of many Greek based manufacturers and distributors and aims to the effective promotion and sale of their products in the global market. The main export activities refer to all kinds of candles, lingerie and bras, and Greek origin wines.
Besides import-export transactions, the company acts as an infomediary by conducting business & market researches providing business information to foreign companies who seek for Greek suppliers or distributors. Please visit our website and feel free to contact us for any further information.

213. EXCEL S.A.
EXCEL S.A. has been active since1988 in Greece and abroad, importing, trading and providing technical support for domestic and central air-conditioning units. EXCEL S.A. is the exclusive and only representative of HAIER air-conditioning in Greece, since 1998.
Since 1999 EXCEL S.A. is an affiliated company of YALCO, which holds the majority of the stock capital as well as the management. It allocates its own bonded warehouse for promoting its exporting business in the Balkans and in other Mediterranean countries.
EXCEL S.A. has been honoured for the third continuing year by HAIER with the Market Development Award of multinational group, during the second World Congress of HAIER Representatives 2003.
HAIER Multinational Group is the biggest air-conditioning domestic appliances manufacturer of L.D.K.. HAIER Multinational Group is well known for the rapid measure of growth and its leading products quality. In 2002 HAIER was 5th in sales of “white” electric appliances worldwide. It offers 10.200 different types manufactured in 6 industrial parks of L.D.K. and in 13 privately owned production lines worldwide. HAIER Research Centre, consisting of 12 Research and Technology Institutes, consolidated in 1998, 506 Patent diplomas.
HAIER products have international quality certificates.

Our company was established on 1992, and thanks to the remarkable efforts of its members it is now a healthy vigorous Greek enterprise, the biggest company in the country dealing exclusively with hotel and room reservation.
It’s commonly accepted that `GREEK HOSPITALITY SA` has based its success upon the groundbreaking idea of immediate reservations, granting your stay in any of our 8,000 selected Lux A/B/C class partner Hotels, including 40,000 selected rooms all over Greece, saving our customers from any further burdens, such as extra costs & time wasting.

Select Bakery started as a family bakery in North of Greece in 1930. From 1978 the business is running in private, super-modern facilities, 15.000sq.m. in the industrial zone of Thessaloniki. In Athens, there are also private facilities 2.000 sq.m. from where the products are distributed to southern Greece & to the Aegean islands. The company supplies the largest restaurant chains, hotels & distribution centers while simultaneously aiming at maintaining a strong commercial presence in the foreign markets in which it already operates: Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Balkan area, Austria & Germany, as well as pursuing openings into new markets. Select bakery always aims at the use of new technology in combination with the maintenance of cleanliness in the production area, so as to achieve certification at the highest level from the relevant organizations, like ISO9002, ISO9001, G.M.P. The use of fully automatic lines & our know-how over bakery products, that came up after many years of experience, gives us great capacity & immediate correspondence to the needs of the market.

The company mille krom, D. Perpetsis & CO, established in 2000, with the headquarters in Thessaloniki, Veroias 104, has been set up in the conscience of our users-customers, and having as occupation raw materials and finish products for wood and furniture.
Representing European Industries, we transfer the service and the knowledge to all professionals who make use of finish products.
With a grate experience in this particular field, Mr. Perpetsis, along with the commercial and technical staff of his company, are always up to date about the problems in this field, offering solutions to all usage, which everykind of wood demands.
We are ready to offer you wood paints, patinas, technique, special efe, all kinds of varnishes, fireproof wood paints, ecological varnishes, additives, as well as solve every kind of problemin the application of our products, whenever something like that is neccessary.

Since 1969 we have been providing contemporary products and sophisticated services in the professional refrigeration sector. With our first-rate technical equipment, our constantly under-training work force and the great variety of products we support professionals who seek for a strategic collaborator in cooling issues.
The Quality Management System (ISO 9001) guarantees the absolute satisfaction of our clients. By ceaselessly creating innovative products and maintaining the trustworthiness and integrated client servicing, we decrease operating expenses for our customers, thus improving their own provision of services in matters of quality, hygiene and preservation durability, with no supplementary financial charge. This is the reason why the philosophy of FROST-IT constitutes its competitive advantage.
Our professional object is the trading, installation and maintenance of professional refrigerators, cooling chamber, freezing machines and central cooling units.

218. Foukis Feed Technology S.A
«Foukis Feed Technology S.A.» specializes in the field of supply and implementation of production equipment and systems to feed milling businesses, delivering high quality products and services.
The company’s core activities are:
· Design and construction of new production units in feed milling businesses
· Modernization and automation/upgrading of existing production units in feed milling businesses
· Application of new technology
· Manufacture of electrical-electronical equipment
· Trade in mechanical equipment and spare and wear parts
· Design and implementation of cost-efficient solutions to environmental problems
The company’s primary concern is to develop products and services which meet the special needs of feed milling businesses and facilitate their constant growth.
The present aim of Foukis Feed Technology S.A. is to strengthen innovative thinking, the growth of applications of industrial automatism and gaining access to the Balkan and the Europe markets.

The Company FORMAGLASS S.A deals with the processing (printing and decorating) of glass and porcelain table article, which are used for advertising reasons or are intended for domesticate and professional use.
FORMAGLASS has been lately established as close partner of food and beverage enterprises all over Greece, specializing on glasses, mugs, ashtrays, bottles etc.
The company always offered high quality which regularly maintains up to today. The results of this offer is to be able to use standards according model ISO 9001:2000.
Apart from the top quality and the exceptional speed of production and delivery, the company has also established an organized service of storage and transportation of its customers products. FORMAGLASS S.A is also the only company, on a national level, with such production capacity, and also with the ability to provide so many alternative methods of product treatment in its field.
Our long experience and our presence in the market of household equipment, make us experts in market research and in finding products that meet the customers needs and preferences.
Moreover our company`s willing to cover, even more, the needs of our customers gives attention to the production and promotion of advertising gifts and products for each of our customers.

220. Kerameus Property Management & Development Consultants S.A.
The Company
Kerameus provides first-class commercial real estate services, flexibly adapted to clients’ property needs.
Established in 1995, we are a leading company in the markets we operate.
We aim in maximizing value for our clients, by formulating strategies based on a thorough understanding of the client’s business. We provide expert advice to companies and organizations as diverse as Mc Donald’s and ABN Amro Bank, the Foreign Office and Carrefour. Whether we are working on the acquisition of a high street property, the placement of private equity finance, or a portfolio disposition, we will employ all of our resources to achieve bottom line results.
· Property Management
· Appraisal & Valuation Advice
· Property Disposals & Aquisitions
· Retail
· Market Surveys
· Investment Consulting
· Marketing
· Relocation

221. ALTO SA
The company operates in the trade business of specialized construction materials. It possesses eleven privately owned branches all over Greece and Cyprus. It takes advantage of 45000sqm of warehousing and office areas whereas a fleet of 35 privately owned trucks achieves transportation of goods.
The company’s basic product mix consists of the following categories: Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Gypsum Boards, Suspended Ceilings, Partitions, Admixtures for Mortars, Geotextiles, Raised Floors and several other construction materials.
The company serves a wide range of customer groups like technical companies, subcontractors, professionals and applicators, to name a few.
Annual turnover is estimated to reach 28.000.000€.

222. Auto3P Hellas SA
E-commerce platform exclusively for car parts and electronic parts catalogues. A ready to operate solution for every company operating in the car parts market that offers reduction of cost of operation, reassurance of correct part codes, transaction speed, ease of daily use, more options for the buyers, more customers for the suppliers.

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