Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a body governed by public law which, in addition to its statutory role as an advisor to the Greek State, supports the activity of its approximately 20,000 member - companies and the production community as a whole. The TCCI offers a wide range of actions and services, most of which are offered free of charge or for a nominal fee, including but not limited to:

  • Keeping of the General Commercial Registry (GEMI) and the Registry of Commercial-Industrial Enterprises of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.
  • Provision of One-Stop-Shop (YMS) services for the incorporation of General Partnerships (OE), Limited Partnerships (EE), Limited Liability Companies (EPE) and Sociétés Anonymes (SA).
  • Verification of certificates of origin and other documents for exports, and issue of ATA Carnets for participation in trade fairs, sending samples, etc.
  • Provision of a digital signature to member - enterprises.
  • Provision of information on the operation, development and financing capabilities of enterprises.
  • Provision of education – training for employers and workers.   
  • Organisation of conferences, workshops and lectures on current business affairs.
  • Promotion of international partnerships and networking:
    • organisation of trade delegations abroad and welcoming of foreign delegations,
    • participation in co-financed European Union programs, in cooperation with foreign business, research, academic and other bodies, with significant benefits for local entrepreneurship,
    • subsidisation of members’ participation in international trade fairs and outreach activities within and beyond Greece.
  • Hosting and support of the actions of the World Bank's sole Greek Liaison Office, which organises seminars, workshops and trade delegations and facilitates the international networking of Greek businesses.
  • Publication of a weekly electronic and four-monthly hard copy newsletter.
  • Actions and representations before competent State agencies, Local Government and bodies to improve the business climate in Greece.
  • Membership in collective bodies to support the business community.
  • Conduct of surveys on topical issues to investigate the problems and needs facing TCCI members and briefing of decision-makers.
  • Conduct of the ‘TCCI BAROMETER’, a semi-annual economic survey to identify the specific needs of the local business community and the economy.
  • Implementation of various social actions and dissemination of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

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