The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Thessaloniki, responding to the requirements of the modern business reality and aiming at improving its organizational structure and internal communication, always focusing at the provision of faster and better services to its Members, decided to proceed with the upgrade of ISO 9001-2008 of the departments involved in Co-financed Projects to a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.

The Quality Management System covers all the activities of the departments involved in the co-financed projects of the Chamber regarding their Planning, Maturation and Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Completion and was designed according to the needs and aspirations of the Chamber and the Legal and Regulatory Requirements of the current Greek and Community Legislation.          

The satisfaction and assurance of the trust of the members, through the fulfillment of defined quality standards and the consistency in traditions are basic principles of TCCI.

A fundamental principle and commitment of the Management of TCCI is the continuous improvement of services to the members, with the ultimate goal of protecting and developing trade, industry, crafts, professions, the service sector and exports, in accordance with the interests and objectives of the national economy, for its development and progress.

The goal isto provide high quality services that meet the requirements and expectations of members.

The TCCI is committed to the following:

  • To identify the needs of its members regarding development projects and to integrate them appropriately into its programming,
  • To provide the necessary resources for the implementation of these projects,
  • To mature and plan appropriately the projects it intends to carry out, using the best techniques proposed by the competent authorities,
  • To systematically and without deviations apply the necessary project management procedures, in accordance with the internal procedures of the Quality Management System, as well as the principles and guidelines set by the competent bodies,
  • To ensure the optimal management of the available resources for the implementation of projects,
  • To fully implement the requirements of the institutional framework governing the management and execution of co-financed projects, public contracts, the functions of the Legal Entities of Public Law as well as any related operation,
  • To effectively implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System,
  • To identify and assess risks, to take action measures to reduce/ eliminate risks, to identify opportunities.

The obligation of every employee is to ensure quality. For this reason, the commitment applies that all employees according to their responsibilities are informed about the Quality Management System, work and act in accordance with the established rules.  Procedures and actions that do not guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives are immediately interrupted by those responsible, cause analyses are carried out and the required improvement measures are defined.

For the faithful implementation of all the above, the Management of TCCI authorizes the First Vice-President, Mr. Emmanuel Vlachogiannis as representative of the Management on quality issues, Mr. Antonios Bouboulas as Quality Management Manager and Mr. Georgios Emmanouilidis as assistant to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Thessaloniki, 18.09.2018


The President

Ioannis Masoutis

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