TCCI, committed to the same stable values since the day of its establishment, understands the signs of the times and offers high quality services in order to support entrepreneurship and contribute to economic growth. In this context, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability are considered by TCCI to be key factors for modern entrepreneurship, but also for the chamber's operation as an institution.

TCCI is, first of all, a responsible employer, which treats its personnel with justice and provides a wide  variety of opportunities for their professional, family and personal development. Indicatively, it offers its staff free annual medical examinations, finances training seminars for its employees, finances the participation of their children in summer camps and awards their high school performance.

In addition, it is multidimensional in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, indicatively:

  • financially supporting charities,
  • offering sponsorships to educational institutions,
  • organizing and hosting informative events of various contents.

At the same time, TCCI undertakes initiatives for the dissemination of the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Entrepreneurship and their individual aspects in its member companies, planning and implementing specialized events and various other informative actions.

Finally, TCCI participates in networks for the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability, bringing together its numerous members with their actions. More specifically, TCCI has been a member of the U.N. Global Compact Network since 2009, the Hellenic Network of the U.N. Global Compact Network Hellas since 2009, a main member of the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR HELLAS) since 2010, but also a founding member of the Social Solidarity & Assistance Network, created in 2013, while it also participates in numerous actions of other initiatives, such as the Sustainable Greece Initiative (Sustainable Greece 2020).



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