The responsibilities of the Department of Imports of the T.C.C.I. are:

  • Dispatching the import licenses from the non E.U. member countries.
    The Department of Imports provides information regarding steel, textiles and other products, which are subject to the Import License regime.
  • Information about Invitations to Tenders, for the supply of several products, which are being conducted by Public Organizations from Greece.

The Department reminds importers that transactions among the E.U. member countries are VAT exempted, as long as the Greek importer gives to the supplier the VIES number (system of information exchange about VAT), which is being provided to the supplier from the relevant Inland Revenue.

Supplementary information can be obtained from the Department of Imports, tel:+30 2310370163, +30 2310370164.

For your convenience, you may download and fill the relevant application form for an Import License. (available only in Greek)

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The application form should be filled and printed either in a P.C. or in a typewriter.

ATTENTION: It is not allowed to fill manually the application form.

Τhe completed application form, signed and stamped, should be forwarded to the Department of Imports of the T.C.C.I. for approval.

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