The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki, in accordance with the applicable Chamber Legislation and the relevant Regulation of Expert Opinions, conducts expert opinions on commercial issues that may concern the quality of the goods, the weight, the value, the type, the amount of damages, etc.

The expert report is carried out by experienced experts who are included in a list of experts compiled by the Registry Department of TCCI. 

The cost of the expert opinion, by decision of 12/10/2016 of the Administrative Committee of TCCI, was determined as follows:

  1. Minimum limit of 300€ for amounts (value of goods) up to 10.000€,
  2. For amounts from 10.001 to 20.000€ 3% rate (ie 300+300=600€)
  3. For amounts from 20.001 to 30.000€ 2% rate (ie 600+200=800€)
  4. For amounts from 30.001 and above 1% (added to the previous amount of 800€)



-The interested company submits, through its legal representative, an application-letter to the Registry Department of TCCI. The following information must be provided in the application-letter:

  1. Details of the business/natural person: name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, contact person
  2. Subject: appointment of an expert to conduct an expert's report
  3. Description of goods: type, precise determination of the value of the goods, quantity, country of origin
  4. Reasoning: detailed description of the reasons for the expert's report
  5. Definition of the location of the expert opinion
  6. Date and signature of the application in full details and capacity of the applicant

Attached to the application-letter are all the relevant supporting documents, e.g. invoices, consignment notes, etc.

  • The Expert Report is carried out within a reasonable time after the submission of the application-letter and the appointment of an expert by the President of the TCCI.
  • The Expert Report after its completion is submitted to the TCCI. The applicant undertaking shall receive a duly certified copy.
  • The expert's fee is paid to the Fund of TCCI at the same time as the application is submitted.

  • It is noted that only the companies- members of TCCI that have paid their subscriptions up to the year of submission of the application have the right to apply for an expert opinion.

More information is provided by the Registry Department, tel.: 2310.370.151

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