The need to establish a single framework for the organization, information and use of the public administration registries has always been a standing requirement regarding transactions with public authorities and broader public sector.

Moreover, many countries worldwide have implemented similar registries as the HOUSE OF COMPANIES (United Kingdom), PUBLIC REGISTER (U.S.A., Singapore) and others. For these countries, the electronic commercial registry of enterprises is a factor of transparency, collateral of transactions (security and reliability) and acceleration of processes and decision making at a business and state level.

Therefore, the enactment of the General Electronic Commercial Registry (Geniko Emporiko Mitroo-G.Ε.ΜI.), in Greece, in conjunction with the upgrading of the role of Chambers through their transformation into “one-stop shops”, are key changes in the axis of simplifying the overall processes of the business environment, which aims at meeting both the needs and demands of any kind involved and the effective use and exploitation of collected information. The operation of a modern and updated central database of business registry will facilitate immeasurably in reducing bureaucratic procedures to create or change a business and also the publication and submission of “corporate information” certificates for almost all transactions of a company. Moreover, a general and single registry of companies creates broader information requirements and operating information for the entire public sector. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to effectively monitor the statistical data of enterprises, the precise exercise of political, legislative or and supervisory power to businesses but also in relation to them.

The project of GEMI aims at radically reforming the functioning of individual (fragmented) registries all legal form of business that is the transition from the current manuscript -primarily- mode of information processing and the current task management to a single automated processing environment and high efficiency of a General Electronic Commercial Registry (Geniko Emporiko Mitroo-G.Ε.ΜI.).

G.E.MI. will be -among other- a body of publicity, statistical analysis at a national level and means of protection for third party both for the General Secretariat of Commerce and the part of the GEMI that concerns it and for the wider public sector, when the entire project will be completed.


G.E.MI. Services at the Chambers

According to Law 4919/2022, which is currently in force for the operation of the G.E.MI., the G.E.MI Departments of the corresponding Chambers are responsible for:

  1. the registration in the G.E.MI. of the obligated parties of article 16 of Law 4919/2022,
  2. any registration and publication concerning the obligated -for registration- parties,
  3. the receipt, registration, if not carried out electronically, the completeness check and, where necessary, the verification of the legality of the relevant applications, the accompanying acts, details or declarations and the verification of applications for approval of a trade name and distinctive title, as well as their engagement, in accordance with the provisions of para. 3 of article 55 of Law 4919/2022,
  4. the answer to questions transmitted through S.DI.MI.E. - B.R.I.S. and concern the acts and data of articles 33, 35 and 39 of Law 4919/2022,
  5. the issue of certificates and the issue of copies and extracts, in accordance with the provisions of para. 3 of article 46 of Law 4919/2022,
  6. conducting a sample check for company recommendations through electronic one-stop-shop (e-Y.M.S.) and the automatic registrations in the G.E.MI. carried out in accordance with the provisions of para. 4 of article 26 of Law 4919/2022.


The requests for the registration of company data at the G.E.MI. and for the issuance of copy certificates are carried out through the electronic platform (in Greek)


In cases where the type of application of interest does not exist within  the platform, the pre-printed TCCI application in Greek (click here) will be sent to the e-mail, with the authenticity of the signature of the applicant and the legal representative of the company certified, with all the attached supporting documents, scanned from the original, certified.

    Supporting Documments for incorporation outside the One-Stop-Shop (e.g. non-profit organisations, Joint ventures)

    Documents for the conversion of companies

    Documents for the merger of companies

    Supporting Documents for approval of the establishment of a branch of a foreign company

    Documents for the registration of Energy Communities


For the provision of the above services, the payment of the corresponding fee for the maintenance of a GEMI entry is required. Both the payment of the cost of granting a certificate, copy, GEMI extracts, as well as the GEMI retention fee. is made either by charging a credit / debit / prepaid card, or by using DIAS codes, exclusively through the website of the GEMI.  

G.E.MI. entry maintenance Fees, Chamber subscription Fees, TCCI rewarding Services


 Self-Registration at the G.E.MI.

For more information you can contact the Registry Department / G.E.MI. of TCCI, tel. 2310370140, 2310370151.

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